Paul Sandby - Askeaton Abbey near Limerick Ireland on the River Deel date unknown. Public Domain

Paul Sandby, Askeaton Abbey near Limerick, Ireland, on the River Deel. Date unknown. Public Domain.

Co-curators: The Pilgrim, throughout 2023, Barcelona and Askeaton

The Pilgrim is a pilot exchange programme linking Barcelona with southwest Ireland, Latitudes with the organisation Askeaton Contemporary Arts, and Irish artists Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty with Catalan artist Eulàlia Rovira.

Throughout 2023, artist residencies and a public programme will enhance new artistic and curatorial research, and create new possibilities for international collaboration.

Supported by the Irish Arts Council’s International Residency Initiatives Scheme 2022.

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Miguel Covarrubias Arbol arte moderno Vanity Fair 1933

Miguel Covarrubias, “The Tree of Modern Art planted 60 Years Ago”, in Vanity Fair, vol. XL, n.º 3, New York, May 1933, pp. 36-37.

Writing: Essay “Un suelo para las historias del arte del futuro” [Soil for Future Art Histories], in the catalogue “Futuros Abundantes/Abundant Futures

Co-published with Turner in the context of the homonymous group exhibition co-organised by TBA21 and the C3A Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía, in Córdoba, Spain, Latitudes’ newly commissioned essay delves into how we might turn the page on the pseudo-organic root-and-branch diagrams that have underpinned the cultural narratives of the archetypical institutions of twentieth-century art, and instead consider an entity that has been largely neglected in its capacity to connect human and natural relations: soil.

The catalogue includes contributions by Rosemary-Claire Collard, Jessica Dempsey, and Juanita Sundberg; Beatrice Forchini; Mario García Torres; Macarena Gómez-Barris; Berta Gutiérrez Casaos; Soledad Gutiérrez Rodríguez; Latitudes; Regina de Miguel; Plata; Matthew Ritchie; Jess Saxby; and exhibition curator Daniela Zyman. Poems by Ibn Zaydun.



Project updates, research and news

25 Jan 2023 Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) en el Estado español
22 Jan 2023 Latitudes’ essay in “Futuros Abundantes” catalogue
2 Jan 2023 Cover Story, Jan 2023: Claudia Pagès’ ‘Gerundi Circular’
27 Dec 2022 2022 in 11 monthly Cover Stories
1 Dec 2022 Cover Story, Dec 2022: “David Hammons Film”
29 Nov 2022 Premios de la 6a edición del Dart Festival 2022
1 Nov 2022 Cover Story, Nov 2022: Jorge Satorre’s Barcelona
26 Oct 2022 Concluding “Incidents (of Travel)” from Barcelona
21 Oct 2022 Panorama traces, a year on
3 Oct 2022 Cover Story, Oct 2022: Stray Ornithologies
27 Sept 2022 “‘Minor’ Ornithologies” podcast for TBA21 on st_age


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In 2005 Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna founded Latitudes, a curatorial office based in Barcelona working internationally across contemporary art practices.

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