Newsletter #60 – Autumn 2015 Curators: 'Composiciones' (Compositions), five interventions for the inaugural Barcelona Gallery Weekend, 1–4 October 20


Newsletter #60 – Autumn 2015

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Curators: 'Composiciones' (Compositions), five interventions for the inaugural Barcelona Gallery Weekend, 1–4 October 2015

Newly commissioned projects by David Bestué (at the Factory space of Cosme Toda, L'Hospitalet); Dora García (at the Biblioteca del Campo Freudiano); Jordi Mitjà (at the Museu Geològic del Seminari); Rasmus Nilausen in collaboration with Pere Llobera (at the gardens of La Central bookstore, Raval); and Daniel Steegmann Magrané (at the Umbracle, Parc de la Ciutadella).

Within the context of the first Barcelona Gallery Weekend, Latitudes curates 'Composiciones' (Compositions), a programme of interventions by artists active in the Barcelona art scene, commissioned to develop site-specific temporary installations and one-off performances responding to singular locations – sites significant for their architecture or their history.

More on the Barcelona Gallery Weekend programme.

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Four limited-edition silkscreened totes produced on the occasion of Latitudes 10th Anniversary.

Latitudes' Limited Edition Tote Bags featured in the Asia Art Archive 15th anniversary exhibition '15 Invitations. A short history of the art bag and the things that go in them)', Hong Kong, 24 August–24 October 2015

Organised by Asia Art Archive Public Programmes Curator Ingrid Chu, the exhibition explores the international phenomenon of the 'art book bag' featuring 'the things that go in them'—art publications, magazines, and related ephemera—alongside a vast array of these popular totes in the AAA Library.

The show features a set of Latitudes' limited edition silkscreened tote bags by artists Lawrence Weiner, Haegue Yang, Ignasi Aballí and Mariana Castillo Deball – with whom Latitudes has collaborated over the past decade – as well as publications that have a relationship to each artists.

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Symposium participation, "The Shock of Victory", Glasgow, 25 September 2015

Symposium participants: In the Shadow of the Hand, Sacha Kahir, Caleb Waldorf, Max Andrews of Latitudes, Angeliki Roussou, WHW (What, How and For Whom?).

Accompanying the exhibition The Shock of Victory, this day-long symposium allows for a timely re-consideration of the complexities of the relations between alternative and established (art) institutions that might have been sparked by political moments such as the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014. Can we think of a new artistic landscape that might have been formed?

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6 Incidents of Travel SF

Cover Story September 2015

Monthly 'Cover Story' on

Since last Spring our home page features a monthly 'cover story' focusing on an artwork, artist, book, site or trip related to our curatorial practice and accompanied by a short text.

September features the World Famous Giant Camera in San Francisco, visited as part of the Incidents of Travel itinerary proposed by the artist Amy Balkin.

Archive of Cover Stories.

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