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Lawrence Weiner's "A CLOTH OF COTTON..." as an action in Barcelona, October 2008

Latitudes' project ‘THE CREST OF A WAVE’ by Lawrence Weiner opened at the Fundació Suñol in Barcelona on 8 October 2008.

The project was divided in four parts – the presentation of an ephemeral sculpture (1) (sugar packets distributed throughout Barcelona), a wall installation (2) and a sound work (3) exhibited at Nivell Zero space of Fundació Suñol, and an action (4), now photo and video documented. The latter was a physical manifestation of the statement common to each part: "A CLOTH OF COTTON WRAPPED AROUND A HORSESHOE OF IRON TOSSED UPON THE CREST OF A WAVE", i.e. an iron horseshoe was wrapped in cotton cloth (here typical Catalan material used for 'farcells'/cloth bundles) and was tossed upon a wave’s crest.

The action took place on the 'rompeolas' of the Barcelona port/ferry terminal on 6 October 2008. Horseshoes were thrown in waves by Lawrence Weiner, Sergi Aguilar (artist and director of Fundació Suñol), and Latitudes (Mariana Cánepa Luna and Max Andrews). 

Video shot by Xavier de Luca, and edited by bang!bang!
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