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'UN PAÑO DE ALGODÓN ...' de Lawrence Weiner

(English below / Català a continuació)


Coincidiendo con las fiestas de la Mercè, la patrona de Barcelona, se ha distribuido una escultura efímera de Lawrence Weiner en más de 70 emblemáticos bares, restaurantes y cafés de Barcelona [MAPA localización], un dulce regalo para acompañar nuestros cafés con leche,
cortados o carajillos y la tertulia. Impreso sobre miles de sobres estándar de 7 gramos de azúcar en tres idiomas, la llamativa y reconocible tipografía de la declaración (statement) UN PAÑO DE ALGODÓN ENVUELTO ALREDEDOR DE UNA HERRADURA DE HIERRO LANZADO CONTRA LA CRESTA DE UNA OLA, va acompañada de un emblema en forma de diagrama que evoca la trayectoria de una determinada herradura sobre una ola. Más información...

Esta es la primera manifestación de un proyecto en cuatro partes comisariado por Latitudes que inaugurará el 8 de Octubre, 19.30h, en el Nivell Zero de la Fundació Suñol.


Coinciding with the festivities of Mercè, the patron saint of Barcelona, an ephemeral sculpture by Lawrence Weiner has been distributed throughout 70 emblematic bars, cafes and restaurants in the city [MAP of locations] to accompany one’s café con leche, cortado,
carajillo, or conversation. Printed on hundreds of thousands of standard 7 gram white sugar sachets in three languages, Weiner’s striking typographic rendition of the statement A CLOTH OF COTTON WRAPPED AROUND A HORSESHOE OF IRON TOSSED UPON THE CREST OF A WAVE, is accompanied by an emblem which evokes the trajectory of a certain horseshoe over a wave in diagrammatic form. Further reading...

This is the first manifestation of a four-part project curated by Latitudes that will open on the 8th of October, 19.30h, at the Nivell Zero space of Fundació Suñol.


Coincidint amb les festes de la Mercè, la patrona de Barcelona, s'ha distribuit una escultura efímera de Lawrence Weiner a més de 70 emblemàtic bars, restaurants i cafès de la ciutat comtal [MAPA localitzacions], un dolç regal per acompanyar els nostres cafès amb llet, tallats o cigalons, per exemple, i la tertúlia. Imprès sobre milers de sobres estàndard de 7 grams de sucre i en tres idiomes, la reconeixible tipografia de la declaració (statement) UN DRAP DE COTÓ EMBOLICAT AL VOLTANT D’UNA FERRADURA DE FERRO LLANÇAT CONTRA LA CRESTA
D’UNA ONA, va acompanyada d’un emblema en forma de diagrama que evoca la trajectòria d’una ferradura sobre una ona. Més informació...

Aquesta és la primera manifestació d'un projecte en quatre parts comissariat per Latitudes que inaugurarà el 8 d'Octubre a les 19.30h, al Nivell Zero de la Fundació Suñol.

Nota de Lluís Permanyer, La Vanguardia, 23.09.08, p. 33.

Lawrence Weiner, ’LA CRESTA DE UNA OLA’
9 Octubre–15 Noviembre 2008
Nivell Zero, Fundació Suñol
c/ Rosselló 24
08008 Barcelona
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'Close Encounters' with Bik van der Pol in Eindhoven

On Sunday 14th, Bik van der Pol (www.bikvanderpol.net) realised the public performanceClose Encountersin the context of the final day of the 'Be(com)ing Dutch' exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

Around 80 people gathered "to generate enough compressed mental power in a moment of great concentration to launch the Evoluon into flight." An iconic 77 metre-diameter concrete 'flying saucer', the Evoluon was built in the 1966 by the electronics company Philips, to house Eindhoven’s museum of science, technology and progress. It closed its doors to the public in 1989, partly because the technology was obsolete and also because in the 1980s Philips was forced to economise. Today the Evoluon serves as a conference centre.

Particularly interesting in the Spanish context is that during the 1960s, Philips invited Spanish immigrants to live and work in Eindhoven. They were the first foreign labourers, and sent photos of the building back home to show what a modern city they were living in.

On the map the location of the performance is marked with an X.
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Latitudes + FormContent's 'Rehearsing Realities'

The publication 'Rehearsing Realities' (above) began with a proposal made to a group of international artists and curators, to imagine a fictional exhibition at the project space FormContent, which was to be conceived on paper. 

Conciding with FormContent's first anniversary the publication gathers exercises of "curatorial realities that have taken place through the different responses sent to FormContent." Tailored to a specific format, "a format somewhere between a press release, a poster, a document and an invitation (44 loose black laser prints on recycled A3 sized paper) these proposals comprise traces, fragments, and beginnings of stories." The publication is designed by Paulus M. Dreibholz.For the occasion, Latitudes invited Berlin-based artist Ignacio Uriarte, who was inspired by the floorplan of FormContent's project space to contribute 'excel-chillida' (see image below).
Participants: Athanasios Argianas, Adam Avikainen, Kit Craig, Patricia Esquivias, Luca Francesconi, Simon Fujiwara, Ryan Gander, Dora Garcia, Clare Gasson, Rowena Hughes, Latitudes with Ignacio Uriarte, Matthieu Laurette, Raimundas Malasauskas, Simone Menegoi, Matt Packer, Luigi Presicce, Riccardo Previdi, Jamie Shovlin, Raymond Taudin Chabot, Sandra Terdjman, Luca Trevisani. 

'Rehearsing Realities' (ISBN 978-0-9559029-1-8) was recently presented during the Publish and Be Damned Fair in London. The publication is available in the UK for £8 at FormContent, Ridley Road, ICA Bookshop, Artwords Bookshop. Distribution in Switzerland and Germany via Motto Distribution or North America through Textfield Distribution or place an order emailing [email protected]

FormContent is a not-for-profit curatorial project space situated under a brick arch on Beck Road, between London Fields and Mare Street (Hackney).
FormContent is Francesco Pedraglio, Caterina Riva and Pieternel Vermoortel.

Address: 347 Beck Road (under the arch of Mare Street)
E8 4RE London, UK
Open: Friday‒Sunday, 12‒6pm or by appointment
[email protected]

Images courtesy of FormContent and Ignacio Uriarte.
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