Shows at Artists Space, Ludlow 38 and Participant Inc., New York

Danh Vo
'Autoerotic Asphyxiation'
15 September – 19 November 2010
Artists Space
38 Greene St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013


"Elegiac in their preoccupying calm, the images and objects inhabiting Autoerotic Asphyxiation coyly recall the past, fashioning a peculiar nostalgia. (...) The most immediately visible works in the room – the sheer curtains concealing both windows and walls – reveal, upon closer inspection, flowers embroidered in some of the fabric. These, in turn, are all species discovered throughout China and Tibet by French missionary and botanist Jean-Andre Soulie, who exported them to Europe. (...) Concealed behind the fabrics and tucked between windows are several sets of black and white photographs of Vietnamese men and boys. The intimate pictures exude an air of homoeroticism and evidence a keen fascination with masculine relationships in Vietnam. Images of men working or eating are accompanied by photos of men holding hands and embracing. Moving through the gallery becomes an active search as one parts the curtains along each wall to locate the photographs". More info... via http://idiommag.com

Tobias Putrih
'After Frei Otto'
1 September – 10 October 2010
Ludlow 38
New York, NY 10002

"Tobias Putrih: After Frei Otto' is an exhibition of new work inspired by the work of German architect Frei Otto (*1925 in Dessau, Germany). Putrih’s newly commissioned installation is accompanied by a presentation of a complete set of 40 publications (1969-1995) produced by the Institute for Lightweight Structures at the University of Stuttgart (founded by Otto in 1964) and video footage documenting the epochal work of the architect.

In the front gallery, the Slovenian artist has developed a new installation influenced by the early soap bubble experiments of Otto. Between a group of fixed points, soap film spreads automatically into the smallest achievable surface area. These experiments have helped Otto to design buildings with a fraction of materials used in other construction projects and made him one of the most important representatives of experimental architecture. Putrih adopts the experiments with an interest in their surprising effect and experimental nature, relating them to a history of architecture pedagogy". More info...

'Collective Show New York 2010'
15–26 September 2010
Participant Inc.
253 East Houston Street, ground floor
New York NY 10002

"'Collective Show New York 2010', an artist-organized exhibition of contemporary collaborative art groups recently established in New York. This collaboratively curated 'group show of group shows' features DIY artist-run spaces and projects, emerging curatorial initiatives and local independent publications."

Participating groups include: 179 canal, 25CPW, Artist Accomplices, AVA, BHQFU, Boffo, Camel Collective, The Chrysler Series, Daily Operation, Eyelevel BQE, FARIMANI, Forever & Today, Forte, HKJB, The Holster, the jogging, Kunstverein NY, The Metric System, Parlour, Primetime, The Public School, Silvershed, Submerged Art, Vector Productions, Why and Wherefore, YES, and Collective Show 2011 hosts: ACP (Los Angeles), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Night Gallery (Los Angeles) and Temporary Contemporary (London).

All photos: Latitudes | www.lttds.org

Studio visit: Ester Partegàs, Brooklyn, New York

Today we visited Ester Partegàs' studio in Brooklyn. Partegàs will be the 'advertising department' for the 10 tabloid newspaper series edited by Latitudes as part of the New Museum forthcoming exhibition 'The Last Newspaper'.

Partegàs has recently exhibited at Christopher Grimes in Los Angeles and on the 21 October will open a show at Foxy Production, New York. Besides this two US galleries, Partegàs also works with NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona and Helga de Alvear, Madrid.

Images: Courtesy the artist. Photos: Latitudes | www.lttds.org

'Antes que todo', Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M), Móstoles, hasta 9 Enero 2011

Antes que todo'

Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Móstoles, Madrid
18 Septiembre 2010 – 9 Enero 2011

Artistas: Ignasi Aballí; Lorea Alfaro; Txomin Badiola; Antonio Ballester Moreno; Erick Beltrán; Bestué / Vives; Rafel G. Bianchi; Carles Congost; June Crespo; Discoteca Flaming Star; Patricia Esquivias; Jon Mikel Euba; Esther Ferrer; Nuria Fuster; Dora García; Fernando García; Rubén Grilo; Lilli Hartmann; Daniel Jacoby; Jeleton; Fermín Jiménez Landa; Adrià Julià; Dai K.S.; Tamara Kuselman; Daniel Llaría; Erlea Maneros Zabala; Pablo Marte; Fran Meana; Asier Mendizabal; Jordi Mitjà; Momu & No Es; Julia Montilla; Itziar Okariz; Antonio Ortega; Kiko Pérez; Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa; Gabriel Pericàs; Paloma Polo; Sergio Prego; Wilfredo Prieto; Tere Recarens; Red Caballo; Alex Reynolds; Xavier Ribas; Carlos Rodríguez-Méndez; Francesc Ruiz; Xabier Salaberria; Jorge Satorre; Javi Soto; Julia Spínola; Sra. Polaroiska; Alain Urrutia; Isidoro Valcárcel Medina; Azucena Vieites; Oriol Vilanova; WeareQQ

Comisariado: Aimar Arriola & Manuela Moscoso

'Antes que todo' es una exposición que se propone penetrar en el presente del arte en el Estado Español. La muestra, que ocupa la totalidad de los espacios del CA2M y en la que participan 56 artistas, no pretende arrojar una mirada totalizadora sobre el “aquí y ahora”, sino que da una mayor visibilidad, y por primera vez de manera concentrada, a formas de trabajo que se han desarrollado en los últimos 20 años en focos específicos del contexto. En la base del proyecto subyace el interés por problematizar la noción de actualidad, con el objetivo de generar una mayor conciencia respecto al lugar que ocupamos en relación a un determinado presente.

El marco conceptual del proyecto se ha articulado en torno a la idea de “expectativa” entendida como una bisagra mediadora entre pasado, presente y futuro. Una de las subtramas del proyecto se centra en explorar hilos de continuidad entre prácticas de diferentes generaciones, con la voluntad de crear puentes y de evidenciar sus resonancias con el presente. Más info…

Las piezas realizadas por Jordi Mitjà ('Floating Lines' (Second Cabinet)) e Ignasi Aballí ('Tomar Medidas') presentadas en la exposición derivan de proyectos comisariados por Latitudes en el 2009 para la Galleria Umberto di Marino, Nápoles, y en Suitcase Art Project, Pekín, respectivamente.

Catálogo 'Antes que todo' 
(próximamente disponible)
Diseño: ferranElOtro Studio
Ensayos: Peio Aguirre, Sofie van Loo, Aimar Arriola y Manuela Moscoso.
Textos artistas: Max Andrews, David Armengol, Haizea Barcenilla, Ellen Blumenstein, Juan Canela, Mariana Cánepa Luna, Amanda Cuesta, Maite Garbayo, Miren Jaio, Willy Kautz, Martí Manen, Mariano Mayer, Tania Pardo, Alberto Sánchez Balmisa, Andrea Valdés Vigil, y los comisarios de la exposición.

Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo
Avda. Constitución 23
28931 Móstoles, Madrid

Latitudes/New Museum recruiting New York interns for the Museum’s fall exhibition 'The Last Newspaper'

Position: Volunteer internships (editorial/curatorial/journalism/design)
Requirement: Minimum 2 full days per week, 7 hours per day. Based in New York.
Desired dates: 27 September–14 December 2010
Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled

As a partner organization in the New Museum’s fall exhibition 'The Last Newspaper' (6 October 2010–9 January 2011), the Barcelona-based curatorial duo Latitudes (www.LTTDS.org) is editing a weekly in-house newspaper.

Latitudes is seeking multi-talented and motivated people to form the newspaper team to join them in working as art news and feature writers, interviewers, content producers, photographers and/or graphic designers.

During the exhibition a mini-newsroom will be set up and operated on site and, in place of a traditional catalogue, this free 12-page newspaper will be compiled and made available freely from the museum each week for 10 weeks. This opportunity allows interns to get real-world experience in an editorial and curatorial environment and to be an integral part of a unique project. More information here: http://www.lttds.org/projects/current/lastnewspaper/lastnewspaper.html


All interested individuals eighteen years of age and older are eligible to apply for an internship. Candidates with a strong knowledge of 20th-century art history and contemporary art (or have a background in galleries, journalism, art magazines, curating, critical writing and studio art or art education) are welcome to apply. International candidates may apply, but please note that we cannot provide visas, travel or accommodation. When considering whether or not to apply, please keep in mind these are unpaid internships.


Each member of the team will be required to assist and collaborate in all aspects of editorial planning with accuracy and good-humor. Work will include producing both short and long-form writing to tight deadlines under the direction of the editor-curators as well as copy-editing, administrative support and research.

Job requirements

  • A track-record in writing and editorial tasks, compiling textual and pictorial material with an eye for detail
  • Ability to work to agreed deadlines and prioritize
  • Proven ability to organize and manage work flow
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as independently
Days and Hours
Interns must be able to work a minimum of 2 full days per week, 7 hours per day, ideally for the full run of the project (27 September–14 December 2010). The exact schedule will be determined in conjunction with the New Museum.

Application Procedure

Please apply by e-mail (see below) with:
  • a letter of interest of a maximum of 500 words,
  • a resume outlining your educational background and recent work experience,
  • a letter of recommendation from a previous employer or professor/tutor,
  • a maximum of 3 samples of relevant writing, journalism, or design work while indicating your main areas of interest and skills within respect to the roles and opportunities offered by this project.
Please send all the documents in one email to: [email protected] , with subject 'Internship The Last Newspaper'.

Please note that only accepted candidates will be notified.

For general terms about internships at the New Museum, please see conditions here.

Newsletter #25 - September 2010

'Mataró Chauffeur Service', a project by Martí Anson – Now Available! (online from October)
profile texts on the artists
Jordi Mitjà, Jorge Satorre and Wilfredo Prieto for the exhibition catalogue 'Before everything' (CA2M, Móstoles)


Partner organisation in the exhibition 'The Last Newspaper', New Museum, New York, (6 October 2010–9 January 2011) and 'Vic Cambrils Barcelona...A Library Project' for Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis (Talk: 21 October, 7pm)


Curators of the exhibition 'Christina Hemauer & Roman Keller: United Alternative Energies', Aarhus Art Building, Arhus, Denmark, 22 January–3 April 2011


Latitudes on the press:
'Otras Latitudes' by Juan Palomo, El Cultural (Spanish, online), 31 July 2010 and interview 'The curator is a piece in the artworlds' ecosystem', Arteinformado (Spanish, online), 30 August

Check Latitudes' web www.lttds.org for further info
Facebook page here
Twitter here
Flickr photosets here
Previous newsletter here
Youtube Latitudes Channel

Forthcoming project: Partner organisation in 'The Last Newspaper', 3rd, 4th and 5th floors, New Museum, New York, 6 October 2010–9 January 2011

Photo: New Museum/Dean Kaufman

| ENG |

(...) The first people we approached to participate were Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna, who are partners in Latitudes, a curatorial office based in Barcelona. They have a wonderful flexibility in their projects, which include overseeing public commissions, organizing conferences, as well as initiating multidisciplinary research and editorial programs. Our preliminary conversations led quickly to the notion of a weekly newspaper produced in the New Museum over the course of a residency. From this point, we moved pretty quickly into a landscape of organizational residencies that will animate the social aspects of the exhibition. – Richard Flood, interview with Benjamin Godsill about the exhibition, fall 2010.

The Last Newspaper will be a hybrid exhibition inspired by the ways artists approach the news and respond to the stories and images that command the headlines. Alongside the exhibition, a number of partner organisations (see list below) will use on-site offices to present their research, engage in rapid prototyping, and stage public dialogues, opening up the galleries as spaces of intellectual production as well as display.

'THE LAST POST' / 'THE LAST GAZETTE' / 'THE LAST REGISTER'... will be an evolving-titled 12-page free weekly newspaper and an incremental exhibition catalogue edited by Latitudes and produced and disseminated from the museum every week for 10 weeks.

The tabloids, design directed by Chad Kloepfer, will be conceived by a specially-assembled editorial team and contributors who are giving their time and skills pro bono. The published record of the enterprise will be bound at the conclusion to form a surrogate catalogue of The Last Newspaper.

Artists in the exhibition:
Alighiero e Boetti; Judith Bernstein; Pierre Bismuth; Andrea Bowers; Francois Bucher; Sarah Charlesworth; Luciano Fabro; Robert Gober; Hans Haacke; Karl Haendel; Rachel Harrison; Thomas Hirschhorn; Emily Jacir; Larry Johnson; Mike Kelley; Nate Lowman; Sarah Lucas; Adam McEwen; Aleksandra Mir; Adrian Piper; William Pope.L; Allen Ruppersberg; Dexter Sinister; Dash Snow; Rikrit Tiravanija; Wolfgang Tillmans; and Kelley Walker.Partner organisations: Center for Urban Pedagogy; StoryCorps; Latitudes; The Slought Foundation; INABA, Columbia University’s C-Lab; Joseph Grima and Kazys Varnelis/Netlab; and Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere.

Exhibition co-curated by Richard Flood, Chief Curator of the
New Museum and Benjamin Godsill, Curatorial Associate.

| ESP |

Hans Haacke, News, 1969/2008, RSS newsfeed, paper, and printer, dimensions variable.

"La primera persona que invitamos a participar fue Max Andrews y Mariana Cánepa Luna, socios de Latitudes, una oficina curatorial con base en Barcelona. Tienen una maravillosa flexibilidad en sus proyectos, que incluyen la supervisión de comisiones públicas, la organización de conferencias, así como iniciar programas de investigación multidisciplinaria y de índole editorial. Nuestras conversaciones preliminares nos llevaron rápidamente hacia la idea de realizar un periodico semanal producido en el New Museum en el transcurso de una residencia. – Richard Flood, entrevista con Benjamin Godsill entorno a la exposición, otoño 2010

'The Last Newspaper' será una exposición híbrida que explorará el modo en que los artistas responden a las noticias, imágenes y titulares y al tiempo analizará cómo se genera, gestiona, registra, ordena y distribuye la información. Un número de organizaciones asociadas han sido invitadas a 'desplazar' sus oficinas al terreno museístico para presentar su trabajo, participar en la creación de propotipos y diálogos públicos, convirtiendo las galerías del museo en espacios de exhibición y discurso.

'THE LAST POST' / 'THE LAST GAZETTE' / 'THE LAST REGISTER'... será un tabloide semanal de 12 páginas editado por Latitudes durante 10 semanas ‘en directo’ desde una sala de redacción instalada en el espacio expositivo. El periódico será una publicación episódica gratuita que cambiará su título semanalmente e investigará el frágil momento del periódico como medio de comunicación así como los comportamientos comunes entre la labor editorial y la curatorial.

Los tabloides, cuyo diseño será dirigido por Chad Kloepfer, serán un documento en continua formación que registrará la exposición. Al concluir ésta, se encuadernarán como un único volumen formando el catálogo sustituto de 'The Last Newspaper'.

Artistas en la exposición:
Alighiero e Boetti; Judith Bernstein; Pierre Bismuth; Andrea Bowers; Francois Bucher; Sarah Charlesworth; Luciano Fabro; Robert Gober; Hans Haacke; Karl Haendel; Rachel Harrison; Thomas Hirschhorn; Emily Jacir; Larry Johnson; Mike Kelley; Nate Lowman; Sarah Lucas; Adam McEwen; Aleksandra Mir; Adrian Piper; William Pope.L; Allen Ruppersberg; Dexter Sinister; Dash Snow; Rikrit Tiravanija; Wolfgang Tillmans; and Kelley Walker.

Organizaciones asociadas:
Center for Urban Pedagogy; StoryCorps; Latitudes; The Slought Foundation; INABA, Columbia University’s C-Lab; Joseph Grima y Kazys Varnelis/Netlab; y Angel Nevarez y Valerie Tevere.

Exposición comisariada por Richard Flood, Comisario jefe del New Museum y Benjamin Godsill, Comisario asociado.

New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

Longitudes cuts across Latitudes’s projects and research with news, updates, and reportage.

Latitudes | www.LTTDS.org (except when otherwise noted).

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