Newsletter #37 – October 2011

Until 15 January 2012...


View of the exhibition. Photo: Imagen MAS/MUSAC

'Amikejo: Fermín Jiménez Landa y Lee Welch', final show of the exhibition series, Laboratorio 987, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, León, 24 September 2011–15 January 2012.

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Fermín Jiménez Landa (1979 Pamplona. Lives between Pamplona, Valencia and Barcelona) & Lee Welch (1975, Louisville. Lives in Rotterdam) did not know each other before the invitation to participate in Amikejo. As if engaged in international diplomacy, the artists have had to get to know each other personally and artistically before issuing what might be regarded as a joint statement based on what they have agreed and negotiated, in the form of an exhibition. Jiménez Landa & Welch have chosen to establish their collaboration in relation to the notion of the micro nation and devices which delineate sovereignty – borders, stamps, anthems, flags, and so on.

Their project comprises a constellation of diverse performative, discursive and exhibited elements, some of which are directly apparent in the Laboratorio 987, while others have occurred at remote locations, or exist only in the imagination. A series of platforms and border markers constitute a space of assembly and discussion while a marching band of 60 musicians from León has been recruited to compose and perform a national anthem for a new autonomous island state. Companioning this, another element comprises a series of letters sent by the artists using fake stamps from Neutral Moresnet, the state which anteceded Amijeko. Jiménez Landa's & Welch's joint endeavour considers how art can produce new understanding, memories and communicative possibilities together with an audience.


'Himno Nacional' (2011) interpreted during the opening by the Agrupación musical La Cena. Photo: Latitudes


Detail of the band playing in the exhibition space. Photo: Latitudes

Mousse Publishing will release the publication of the exhibition series In January 2012.

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With the support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam.

MUSAC | Avenida de los Reyes Leoneses, 24 | 24008 León | ESPAÑA | MAP | Tue–Fri: 10–15 / 17–20h; Sat–Sun: 11–15/ 17–21h. Monday closed.


This month...


Production of Jan Dibbets' "6 Hours of Tide Object with Correction of Perspective' (2009). Photo: Freek van Arkel

Participants in the symposium 'Anti-monument. Criticism in Public Space', Espai d'art contemporani de Castelló, Castelló, 22 October 2011.

Convened by Ángela Molina

Participants: Patricia Esquivias (Artist, Madrid), Sara Dauge & Alejandro Giménez (Racons Públics, Barcelona/Paris/Sâo Paulo) and Iria Candela (Assistant Curator, Tate Modern, London).

The symposium will be structured around individual presentations by the participants and a final round table discussion. Iria Candela will focus on some of the public space interventions in Latin America, such as those realised by Héctor Zamora in Bogotá or Regina José Galindo in Guatemala; Patricia Esquivias will observe Castellón from the distance and reflect upon its geographical identity; and Racons Públics will talk about the ongoing transformation of the contemporary city and the residual and empty corners that are left behind. (+ symposium info...)

Latitudes will focus discuss 'Portscapes', the commissioning series that took place throughout 2009 in and around the Maasvlakte 2, the ongoing 2,000 hectare land reclamation project of the Port of Rotterdam. Latitudes will focus on four case studies, the projects by Jan Dibbets, Jorge Satorre, Lara Almarcegui and Cyprien Gaillard (unrealised), and discuss the various practical and challenging artistic and curatorial aspects that rose throughout the commissioning process. (+ project info...)

The presentations will be in Spanish. + info: [email protected] / Tel. (34) 964 72 35 40

Espai d'art contemporani de Castelló | c/ Prim s/n | 12003 Castelló | T +34 964 72 35 40 | [email protected] |


From the archive...


'The Last Newspaper' catalogue. Photo: Joel Stillman /

Coinciding with the first anniversary of the beginning of 'The Last Newspaper' exhibition at the New Museum (6 October 2010–9 January 2011), readers are now be able to flick through the pages of the exhibition catalogue via Issuu:

#0 Contents + Index; #1 The Last Post; #2 The Last Gazette; #3 The Last Register; #4 The Last Star-Ledger; #5 The Last Monitor; #6 The Last Observer; #7 The Last Evening Sun; #8 The Last Journal; #9 The Last Times; #10 The Last Express.

Produced during a 10 week editorial residency, the 12-page tabloids were edited from a micro-newsroom placed on the third exhibition floor of the museum. The published record is the surrogate catalogue of 'The Last Newspaper'. Featuring over 100 contributors, including 95% of newly commissioned essays and interviews with participating artists, the compilation also brings together articles and special features around an expanded selection of work that addresses the news, the newspaper, and its evolving form and function. (+ info...)

Edited by: Latitudes
Published by: Latitudes, Barcelona & the New Museum, New York
Texts by: multiple authors
Graphic Design: Chad Kloepfer with Joel Stillman
Format: 10x 12pp two-colour newspapers, one 4pp black-and-white newspaper, 356 x 292 mm each / Regular edition in poly bag with sticker, special edition in screenprinted archive box
Language: English
Print-run: 1,000 (of which 400 are the final catalogue edition)
Printer: Linco Printing, Long Island
Date of Publication: October–December 2010
Availability: Motto, Berlin and La Central del MACBA, Barcelona


About Latitudes

Latitudes is a Barcelona-based [41º23’ N, 2º 11’ E] independent curatorial office initiated in April 2005 by Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna. Latitudes collaborates with artists and institutions in the conception, organisation and production of exhibitions, public commissions, conferences, editorial and research initiatives across local, pan-European and international situations. Latitudes is part of Hangar's 2010–12 Programming Committee. In 2010 Latitudes was awarded the inaugural curatorial prize GAC given by the Catalan gallery association. (+ info...)

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