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Photo: Luca Frei

Cover Story, January 2019

The exhibition “Te toca a tí” (It’s your turn) continues at EACC, Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló, Castellón de la Plana, until February 17th. Curated by Laura Vallés Vílchez (editor of the journal Concreta) it includes works by ten artists within a conceptual framework that asks how a gallery space can become a site of negotiation, process, reciprocity, and empathy. Mariana Cánepa Luna’s review of this optimistic show was recently published in Art Agenda. (As ever, Latitudes’s writing since 2005 is here, and includes further exhibition reviews, as well as artist profiles, catalogue essays and opinion columns.)
               January’s Cover Story features Luca Frei’s Simone Forti’s See Saw (2015) at EACC. First performed in 1960 by Yvonne Rainer and Robert Morris, See-Saw has been defined by Forti as both a performance and a sculpture realised according to given rules. As Mariana relates, at the opening of the exhibition, “Frei’s reactivation of Forti’s work began with performers carrying a plywood plank from one corner of the gallery to meet a wooden pivot located to the side. Once brought together, the sculptural elements form a seesaw. Three performers from a local theatre school variously climbed up and slid down the seesaw’s slanted surface, stood together at the centre while trying to find balance, and briskly but carefully levered each other’s bodies. With its deceptively simple choreography of negotiation, See-Saw embraces and battles with gravity’s inevitable grip on the fate of the performers’ encounter and the pace of their relationship to the object.”

Founded in 2005 by Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna, Latitudes is a curatorial office based in Barcelona, Spain, that works internationally within the field of contemporary art.

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