To visit the exhibition, please check Kadist Art Foundation is inviting curators to write or choose a single sentence, making


To visit the exhibition, please check

Kadist Art Foundation is inviting curators to write or choose a single sentence, making each word in the sentence a hyperlink to an image, video, text or website. As a result, The One Sentence Exhibition becomes a compact architecture, accompanying the reader as they explore far-reaching corners of the internet.

Latitudes has chosen the statement A CLOTH OF COTTON WRAPPED AROUND A HORSESHOE OF IRON TOSSED UPON THE CREST OF A WAVE by Lawrence Weiner in English, Spanish and Catalan, that was originally devised for his 2008 solo exhibition THE CREST OF A WAVE at the Fundació Suñol in Barcelona. The statement is also silkscreened on the commemorative edition tote bag that celebrated Latitudes' 10th anniversary in Spring 2015.

Originally distributed as a free ephemeral sculpture on 300,000 sugar sachets and exhibited on the wall of the exhibition space, Weiner’s statement triggers a chronicle of mercantile, maritime and equestrian power, of trade and occupation, of spheres of influence and change, a memory of matter and of language.

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weinerIMG 2274

Commemorative Limited Edition tote bag for Latitudes' 10th Anniversary, Spring 2015.

Lawrence Weiner-89

One of the 300,000 sugar packets freely distributed in 2008 around cafes throughout Barcelona.


Residency in San Francisco

DSCF2226-Kadist small

Façade of the Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco. Photo: Latitudes.

Residents: Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco, 26 August–9 September 2015.

Following its two previous iterations in Mexico City (Casa del Lago, 2012) and Hong Kong (Spring Workshop, 2013), 'Incidents of Travel' explores San Francisco. Three specially-commissioned artist-led tours – expanded studio visits – with artists Amy Balkin, artist collective Will Brown and Megan and Rick Prelinger, focus on the Bay Area and Latitudes's current research around the carbon cycle.

On August 29, Latitudes co-hosted the 'Near-Future Artworlds Curatorial Disruption Foresight Group' at Kadist, a forum for informal dialogue about megatrends and the future of contemporary art institutions. It brought together individuals and expertise in the Bay Area with an active interest in institutional prototyping and emergent usership.

Finally, on September 8 Latitudes will lead a seminar with the students from the MA in Curatorial Practice of the California College of Arts (CCA) centred on modelling new institutions.

Photo-documentation is regularly posted on Kadist's Instagram as part of Kadist's 'Artist not at the Studio, Curator not at the Office' Instagram takeover initiative, and archived in Storify.

Kadist Art Foundation, 3295 20th Street, CA 94110, San Francisco, USA.

Door Kadist

Photo: Latitudes

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