Newsletter #48 – November 2012

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View of 'Projects 2005-2012' at La Sucursal space, Casa del Lago. Photo: Latitudes

Curators: ''Projects 2005–2012 & Incidents of Travel'', Casa del Lago, Mexico City

Photo Gallery of 'Incidents of Travel'

Alongside 'Projects 2005–2012' – a visual index of thirty projects realized since 2005Latitudes originated 'Incidents of Travel' from its temporary office in La Sucursal space. Artists Minerva Cuevas, Tania Pérez Córdova, Jerónimo Hagerman, Diego Berruecos, and Terence Gower were invited to lead day-long tours for Latitudes, articulating the city and their artistic practice through routes and waypoints in the metropolitan area. Documented and mapped in La Sucursal, the project explored the chartered itinerary as a format of artistic encounter with the capacity to bypass the convention of the studio visit through highly specific views of the city.

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'Amikejo' (2012) by Mouse Publishing

'Amikejo', Mousse Publishing, 2012

Accompanies the year-long cycle of exhibitions that took place at the Laboratorio 987, the project space of MUSAC, León. (+ info...)

Editor: Latitudes
Publisher & Distribution: Mousse Publishing
Language: English and Spanish
ISBN: 9788896501832
Price: 26 Euro
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From the archive


Francesc Ruiz work in Arnolfini's staircase. Photo: Carl Newland

'Sequelism Part 3: Possible, Probable, or Preferable Futures', Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, 18 July–20 September 2009

Photo Gallery | Press Archive

Artists: Mariana Castillo Deball, Heman Chong, Graham Gussin, Victor Man, Francesc Ruiz (in residency), Jordan Wolfson and Haegue Yang.

'Sequelism: Possible, Probable, or Preferable Futures' was an exhibition that looked into the future and at that which is yet to happen. It considered how art and the inexact arena of futurology might be utilised as a means to better comprehend, rethink, obscure, or even colonise the present. The future is commonly manifested in popular cultural forms, including science fiction, yet how might we look beyond the present without recourse to established genres? To what extent does strategic foresight affect our understanding of the now, the ‘then’ or the ‘when’?

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About Latitudes

Latitudes is an independent curatorial office initiated in April 2005 by Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna, that works in an international context from and in Barcelona, Spain. Latitudes is a member of the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art (IKT) and in 2010 received the inaugural Curatorial Award, Premios GAC.

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