Latitudes 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Tote Bags Commemorative editions by Lawrence Weiner, Haegue Yang, Ignasi Aballí and Mariana Castillo Deba


Latitudes 10th Anniversary

Limited Edition Tote Bags

Commemorative editions by Lawrence Weiner, Haegue Yang, Ignasi Aballí and Mariana Castillo Deball

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Limited-edition silkscreened totes produced on the occasion of Latitudes 10th Anniversary.

This spring 2015 Latitudes celebrates its 10th anniversary and we are delighted to mark the occasion by presenting a limited edition of silkscreened tote bags featuring designs by four artists with whom Latitudes has collaborated over the past decade: Lawrence Weiner, Haegue Yang, Ignasi Aballí and Mariana Castillo Deball.

The bags are made from natural durable cotton canvas with a reinforced base. They feature a press-stud closure, an internal pocket with a zip (never loose your bus or Biennale pass again!), an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as smaller handles for carrying like a briefcase. Versatility from vaporetto to vernissage!

The bags have been hand silkscreened at Print Workers in Barcelona; this is an artisanal process and each printing results in slight variations.

Price: 50 Euros +shipping. Launch Price: 45 Euro (until 1 June)
Edition: 35 + 5 AP (Yang's is ed. 20 + 10 AP)
Measurements: 38 high × 40 width × 14 base (cm)
Fabric: 475 gsm natural chlorine-free cotton canvas
Strap: Adjustable
Capacity: 15 litres
Weight: 420 gr

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weinerIMG 2274

Design by Lawrence Weiner. Photo: Latitudes

An artwork by Lawrence Weiner which reads “A CLOTH OF COTTON WRAPPED AROUND A HORSESHOE OF IRON TOSSED UPON THE CREST OF A WAVE”. Latitudes commissioned this new work on the occasion of his 2008 solo exhibition at Barcelona’s Fundació Suñol, from where it unfolded as a four-part project. 1: The distribution of a public sculpture in the form of 300,000 sugar sachets sweetening 70 cafés in the city. 2: As a statement painted on a wall. 3: As a musical composition. 4: As an action at the sea wall of Barcelona’s port. Through language and materials, the statement appears to comprise an account of Spain’s mercantile and maritime history, its equestrian and commercial power. To be thrown in the sea at the user’s discretion. Horseshoe not included.

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yangIMG 2318

Design by Haegue Yang - in collaboration with OK-RM. Photo: Latitudes

The graphic featured on Haegue Yang’s bag is based on Eclectic Totemic – wallpaper created in collaboration with designers OK-RM (Oliver Knight and Rory McGrath) for her solo show at the Musée d’art moderne et contemporain, Strasbourg, in 2013. Developed through the surrealist principle of Exquisite Corpse, geometric composites were comprised of fragmentary portraits of individuals who have informed Haegue’s work. With the face of Romain Gary and the chin of George Orwell, this totem references two literary works in which elephants are symbols for an exploration of human morality – Orwell’s 1936 essay 'Shooting an Elephant' and Gary’s 1956 novel 'The Roots of Heaven'. Haegue formed a part of Latitudes’s exhibition Sequelism – Part 3 (2009). Furthermore, Max Andrews of Latitudes has written on her work for catalogues including 'Symmetric Inequality', Sala Rekalde; 'Life on Mars' 55th Carnegie International; and 'Sense & Sustainability', Urdaibai Arte.

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aballiIMG 2301

Design by Ignasi Aballí. Photo: Latitudes

Ignasi Aballí’s design is a nod to Nothing, or Something, his project at Suitcase Art Projects / Today Art Museum, Beijing, that Latitudes curated in 2009. This project centred on the artistic history of absence and comprised a series of display windows of a retail centre which drew attention to mundane or invisible materials such as dust and newspapers, light and air. Ignasi’s bag is two-sided mischievous take on slogan apparel, a bold statement (in Helvetica, naturally) printed in barely visible ink. By showing the first side you would reticently declare “NOTHING”, or by deploying the reverse side you could display the skeptical catch-all message: “SOMETHING”.

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castilloIMG 2282

Design by Mariana Castillo Deball. Photo: Latitudes

The design of Mariana Castillo Deball comprises a two-sided drawing informed by her research into pre-Columbian Mesoamerican codices as well as fables about the adventures and transformations of non-humans. Her related 20' film based on the Borgia Codex, 'El donde estoy va desapareciendo / The where I am is vanishing', was produced for the 2011 Venice Biennale and was shortly before shown as part of Amikejo, the exhibition series Latitudes curated at MUSAC, León, that same year. Latitudes have also worked with Mariana in the context of the group exhibitions Extraordinary Rendition (2007) and Sequelism – Part 3 (2009).

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Each bag has corresponding credits silkscreened on the inside pocket.

weinerIMG 2276

Inside Lawrence Weiner's tote bag. Photo: Latitudes


Founded in 2005 by Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna, Latitudes is an independent curatorial office based in Barcelona, Spain, that works internationally within the field of contemporary art. Informed by an initial focus on ecology, Latitudes is especially interested in site, process and context. Exhibitions have formed an important but irregular part of Latitudes’s practice. Other projects have deliberately taken a transdisciplinary approach to visibility and publicness while maintaining a broader bandwidth of working and thinking with art and artists. + info

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