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Works by Batia Suter, David Bestué, Sean Lynch, Eulàlia Rovira and Adrian Schindler. Courtesy the artists.

Curators: ‘Cream cheese and pretty ribbons!’, Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna, Austria, 14 September–13 October 2018

Opening: 13 September, 6–9pm

Performance evening: 14 September, 6–7pm

With the participation of David Bestué, Sean Lynch, Eulàlia Rovira & Adrian Schindler, and Batia Suter.

‘Cream cheese and pretty ribbons!’ ventures into the apparently perilous middle ground between too much content and too much form. Drawing on strategies such as wit, redundancy, or storytelling, the artworks in the exhibition conspire with seemingly mundane things to somehow find and invent ways to rebuff, circumvent, surpass, or mitigate the spurious alternative between indulgent contents and bad Romance.

On September 14, Eulàlia Rovira & Adrian Schindler will present their new performance “One motif says to the other: I can’t take my eyes off you” which will be followed by the artist lecture “A Blow by Blow Account of Stonecarving in Oxford” by Sean Lynch.

Part of the 2018 curated by_Vienna programme.

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Joan Morey, "OBEY. Humillados & ofendidos" (2007-2009); "IL LINGUAGGIO DEL CORPO" (2015) y "COS SOCIAL. Lliçó d’anatomia" (2017), courtesy the artist.

Curators: ‘Joan Morey. COLLAPSE’, Contemporani Art Centre of Barcelona – Fabra i Coats, 20 September 2018–13 January 2019

Opening: 19 September, 7pm

COLLAPSE encompasses three parts. ‘Desiring machine, working machine’ is a survey exhibition presented over two floors of the Contemporani Art Centre of Barcelona – Fabra i Coats focusing on the last fifteen years of the artist’s work.

The second part takes place at the Centre d’Art Tecla Sala in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona (23 November 2018–13 January 2019) and is the definitive version of the touring exhibition ‘Social Body’.

Titled ‘Schizophrenic machine’, the third comprises a major new performance event which will take place on January 10, 2019 at an especially resonant – yet, for the moment, deliberately undisclosed – location in Barcelona.

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New "Incidents (of Travel)" dispatch from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Editors: ‘Incidents (of Travel)’ dispatch from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Narrated by curator Alejandra Aguado, itinerary devised by artist Diego Bianchi


Móvil co-founder Alejandra Aguado and artist Diego Bianchi spent a day identifying human and non-human interactions in Buenos Aires' daily urban flow.

Edited by Latitudes and produced by Kadist as part of its online projects.

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Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna co-direct the curatorial office Latitudes since 2005.

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