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'THE LAST POST' AVAILABLE NOW! First issue of the 10 Latitudes-edited newspapers for 'The Last Newspaper' exhibition, New Museum

'The Last Post' – Issue 1 
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Table of contents:
‘Ink vs Link’. Press Room of The Richmond Planet, c. 1899
Editorial: ‘Welcome to The Last Post, The Last Gazette, The Last Register...’ by Latitudes
Picture Agent (Our singular picture agency): Kirstine Roepstorff
Media Habits: Dara Birnbaum
Exclusive Interview: ‘Double Trouble’, Lorena Muñoz-Alonso interviews TLN artist Pierre Bismuth
Feature: ‘Lights, Camera...Banality’, Kolja Reichert on Marie Voignier’s Hearing the Shape of a Drum (2010)
‘Working with Utopians’ by Richard Flood and Benjamin Godsill
The Next Newspaper (Profiling the organizations, projects, initiatives and individuals redefining ink-and-paper news): ProPublica
Fit to Print: ‘The (L.A.) Times it is A-Changin’ by Adam Chadwick
100 Years Ago…: The Salt Lake Herald-Republican
Cartoon: ‘The Woods: Teen Balls’ by Francesc
Advertising: Ester Partegàs with Rob McKenzie


Below is the first interview of the series 'Media Habits' in which readers get to know how, where and from what artists, curators, journalists, etc. get their information and news. For the first one, we invited
the New York artist Dara Birnbaum whose work has addressed the medium of television since the late 1970s.
Self-portrait of Dara Birnbaum. Courtesy the artist.
I have basically stopped reading newspapers, except when travelling. Then I read the International Herald Tribune. I will look through the Sunday New York Times, as it is available once a neighbor has discarded it. Basically, I scan The New York Times news and read the ‘Arts & Leisure’ section, etc. I will pick up free papers and look through them, such as The Village Voice.


I use magazines mainly for listings, such as New York magazine and Time Out New York. For New York magazine I also do the crossword puzzle. News is gleaned through TV and the radio. There are only very few magazines I subscribe to, such as Astronomy, that of the Natural History Museum and the Audubon Society. I used to read National Geographic, but recently stopped it as I found I wasn’t reading it thoroughly enough. All are read at home, mostly late at night when it is quiet.


I do spend considerable time on-line daily, mostly for research and communication. I use YouTube mostly for great archival footage – and that is my entertainment as well – concerts, interviews, etc. I use Facebook marginally. Mostly I answer when someone wants to be a friend or posts a message to me. Basically, I am consumed by keeping up with email, mostly for work.


As for television, I can barely watch it. However, I am addicted to Criminal Minds, which I find is well written and well-acted. It reminds me of a favorite film: The Silence of the Lambs. I haven’t exactly analyzed why. I can watch some public television, such as Mystery and sometimes watch films on TV, or the Late Late Show on CBS. Most television simply annoys me.


I listen to the radio constantly, mostly Wyoming National Public Radio on my computer. Then there are just two stations I listen to on my regular radio by my bed – the two public broadcast stations that we have in New York City.


I read constantly, but I skip around a lot – not very concentrated. However, I just finished Little Bee by Chris Cleave and Don DeLillo’s Falling Man and his Point Omega.
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