Gertrude Contemporary / MADA / Latitudes

Visiting Curator Program

Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia, 12 May–7 June 2014

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Latitudes’s month-long residency as part of Gertrude Contemporary’s Visiting Curator Program was set up in partnership with MADA | Monash University of Art Design & Architecture. During May 2014 Gertrude Contemporary facilitated +30 studio visits, arranged museum and gallery visits as well as informal meetings with curators, writers, academics, gallerists and graphic designers.

On May 14, Latitudes gave a Lunchtime Art Forum Lecture at MADA | Monash University of Art Design & Architecture presenting an overview of the projects they have been commissioned, participated in or self-initiated, such as the series of new commissioned projects ‘Portscapes’ (Port of Rotterdam, 2009), the two iterations of 'No Soul for Sale: A Festival of Independents' (New York in 2009 and London in 2010), or the exhibition series ‘Amikejo’ (MUSAC, León, 2011).

The lecture was followed by an afternoon seminar with candidates from the Curatorial Practice PhD during which Latitudes presented two of its recent projects that are the basis of ongoing research since 2010. Firstly, its involvement as a partner organisation of ‘The Last Newspaper’ exhibition at the New Museum, New York (2010–11) and secondly, its self-initiated research ‘#OpenCurating’ (2012–13) formed by ten published interviews with curators, artists and editors that focused on digital strategies, new forms of interaction between publics with artworks, and their production, display and discursive context. As a conclusion, PhD participants discussed in focus four of the interviews published in ‘#OpenCurating’ that related to their respective areas of research.


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