Latitudes / Enar de Dios Rodríguez

Incidents of Travel / Near-Future Artworlds Curatorial Disruption Foresight Group

Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco, United States, 26 August–9 September 2015

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Following two previous incarnations of Latitudes’s ‘Incidents of Travel’ guided-tour initiative initiated during a residency in Mexico City (Casa del Lago, 2012) and later in Hong Kong (Spring Workshop, 2013), is taking a new iteration in San Francisco. Three specially-commissioned tours functioned as expanded studio visits with artist Amy Balkin, the artist-curator collective Will Brown (a collaborative project of David Kasprzak, Jordan Stein and Lindsey White) and outsider librarians Megan and Rick Prelinger – while focussing on the Bay Area and Latitudes’s ongoing research around the carbon cycle.

As part of the residency, Latitudes also led the closed-door seminar ‘Near-Future Artworlds Curatorial Disruption Foresight Group’, first developed in May 2015 for the International Curatorial Retreat in Bari, Italy. The seminar is a forum for informal dialogue about megatrends and the future of contemporary art institutions, a by-invitation meeting bringing together individuals and expertise from the Bay Area with an active interest in institutional prototyping and emergent usership. In the San Francisco iteration an emphasis was put on cross-pollination between design thinking and curatorial thinking. Participants also discussed, among other things, the notion of the post-disciplinary, and the question of appropriate speeds, scale or periodicities of institutions.

Latitudes also contributed to two of Kadist Art Foundation’s online initiatives, firstly doing an Instagram take over for 10 days and secondly, as part of the One Sentence Exhibition (OSE) for which the foundation has invited curators to write or choose a single sentence, making each word in the sentence a hyperlink to an image, video, text or website. As a result, OSE becomes a compact architecture, accompanying the reader as they explore far-reaching corners of the internet.

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