Editors: ‘Incidents (of Travel)’, online periodical produced by Kadist, ongoing since May 2016

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Latitudes and Kadist partner in a new ‘distributed’ phase of ‘Incidents (of Travel)’ as an online periodical. Originally conceived by Latitudes as a new form of curatorial fieldwork and an expanded studio visit around Mexico City (2012) – followed by Hong Kong (2013) and San Francisco (2015) – ‘Incidents (of Travel)’ explores different corners of the world through chartered day-long travel itineraries as a form of artistic encounter and an extended offline conversation between a curator and an artist.

As part of its Online Projects, Kadist will publish a series of contributions from six of its fellows working around the world – fieldwork and online storytelling developed by an artist for, and at the invitation of, a curator – a day experienced together.


(Forthcoming) Episode #6: Yerevan, Armenia (August 2016/18)
Curator: Marianna Hovhannisyan
Artist: Vardan Kilichyan, Gohar Hosyan, and Anaida Verdyan, students of the National Center of Aesthetics
Photography: Armine Hovhannisyan, Vardan Kilichyan and Anaida Verdyan

Episode #5: Terengganu, Malaysia (April 2016/2017)
Curator: Simon Soon
Artist: chi too
Photography and video: Awang Ketut

Episode #4: Lisbon, Portugal (December 2016)
Curator: Pedro de Llano
Artist: Luisa Cunha
Photography: Estelle Nabeyrat

Episode #3: Suzhou, China (August 2016)
Curator: Yu Ji
Artist: Xiao Kaiyu

Episode #2: Jinja, Uganda (June 2016)
Curator: Moses Serubi
Artist and photographer: Mohsen Taha

Episode #1: Chicago, U.S. (April 2016)
Curator: Yesomi Umolu
Artist: Harold Mendez
Kadist Art Foundation


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Editores: ‘Incidents (Of Travel)’, publicación en línea producida por Kadist, en proceso desde mayo 2016

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Imágenes de la web Incidents (Of Travel).
Latitudes y Kadist se asocian en una nueva fase ‘distribuida’ de ‘Incidents (of Travel)’. Originalmente concebido por Latitudes como un nuevo enfoque de exploración de campo curatorial o de visita de estudio expandida en México DF (2012), seguido de itinerarios en Hong Kong (2013) y San Francisco (2015) – ‘‘Incidents (of Travel)’ explora varios rincones del mundo mediante visitas guiadas encargadas a artistas como un modo de encuentro artístico o una conversación extendida offline entre comisarios y artistas.

Como parte de sus proyectos en línea, Kadist publicará progresivamente una serie de aportaciones de seis de colaboradorestrabajo de campo y narración en línea desarrollado por un artista para, y a invitación de un comisario.


Próximamente) Episodio #6: Yerevan, Armenia (agosto 2016/18)
Curadora: Marianna Hovhannisyan
Artistas: Vardan Kilichyan, Gohar Hosyan y Anaida Verdyan, estudiantes del National Center of Aesthetics
Fotografía: Armine Hovhannisyan, Vardan Kilichyan y Anaida Verdyan

Episodio #5: Terengganu, Malasia (abril 2016/2017)
Curador: Simon Soon
Artista: chi too
Fotografía y vídeo: Awang Ketut

Episodio #4: Lisboa, Portugal (diciembre 2016)
Curador: Pedro de Llano
Artista: Luisa Cunha
Fotografía: Estelle Nabeyrat

Episodio #3: Suzhou, China (agosto 2016)
Curadora: Yu Ji
Artista: Xiao Kaiyu

Episodio #2: Jinja, Uganda (junio 2016)
Curador: Moses Serubi
Artista y fotógrafo: Mohsen Taha

Episodio #1: Chicago, Estados Unidos (abril 2016)
Curadora: Yesomi Umolu
Artista: Harold Mendez
Fotografía: Nabiha Khan
Kadist Art Foundation


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Founded in 2005 by Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna, Latitudes is a curatorial office based in Barcelona, Spain, that works internationally within the field of contemporary art.

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