Editors: ‘Incidents (of Travel)’, online project by Kadist, ongoing since May 2016

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Latitudes and Kadist partner in a ‘distributed’ phase of ‘Incidents (of Travel)’ as an online periodical. Originally conceived in 2012 by Latitudes as curatorial fieldwork and an expanded studio visit around Mexico City – followed by Hong Kong (2013) and San Francisco (2015) – ‘Incidents (of Travel)’ explores different corners of the world through chartered day-long travel itineraries as a form of artistic encounter and an extended offline conversation between a curator and an artist.

As part of its Online Projects, Kadist publishes fieldwork and online storytelling developed by an artist for, and at the invitation of, a curator – a day experienced together.


Episode #7
: Hobart, Tasmania (Forthcoming)
Curator: Camila Marambio
Artist: Lucy Bleach
Photography: Camila Marambio and Lucy Bleach
Tasmanian Aboriginal Consultant: Greg Lehman

Episode #6: Yerevan, Armenia
Curator: Marianna Hovhannisyan
Artist: Vardan Kilichyan, Gohar Hosyan, and Anaida Verdyan, students of the National Center of Aesthetics
Photography: Armine Hovhannisyan, Vardan Kilichyan and Anaida Verdyan

Episode #5: Terengganu, Malaysia
Curator: Simon Soon
Artist: chi too
Photography and video: Awang Ketut

Episode #4: Lisbon, Portugal
Curator: Pedro de Llano
Artist: Luisa Cunha
Photography: Estelle Nabeyrat

Episode #3: Suzhou, China
Curator: Yu Ji
Artist: Xiao Kaiyu

Episode #2: Jinja, Uganda
Curator: Moses Serubi
Artist and photographer: Mohsen Taha

Episode #1: Chicago, U.S.
Curator: Yesomi Umolu
Artist: Harold Mendez
Kadist Art Foundation


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Editores: ‘Incidents (Of Travel)’, proyecto online Kadist, en proceso desde mayo 2016

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Imágenes de la web Incidents (Of Travel).
Latitudes y Kadist se asocian en una fase ‘distribuida’ de ‘Incidents (of Travel)’. La iniciativa, concebido en el 2012 como una visita de estudio expandida con cinco artistas en México DF, continuó con itinerarios en Hong Kong (2013) y San Francisco (2015). ‘‘Incidents (of Travel)’ explora varios rincones del mundo mediante visitas guiadas encargadas a artistas como un modo de encuentro artístico o una conversación extendida offline entre comisarios y artistas.

Como parte de sus proyectos en línea, Kadist publicara regularmente aportaciones de colaboradorestrabajo de campo y narración en línea desarrollado por un artista a invitación de un comisario.


(En preparación) Episodio #7: Hobart, Tasmania
Curadora: Camila Marambio
Artista: Lucy Bleach
Fotografía: Camila Marambio and Lucy Bleach
Asesor aborigen de Tasmania: Greg Lehman

Episodio #6: Yerevan, Armenia
Curadora: Marianna Hovhannisyan
Artistas: Vardan Kilichyan, Gohar Hosyan y Anaida Verdyan, estudiantes del National Center of Aesthetics
Fotografía: Armine Hovhannisyan, Vardan Kilichyan y Anaida Verdyan

Episodio #5: Terengganu, Malasia
Curador: Simon Soon
Artista: chi too
Fotografía y vídeo: Awang Ketut

Episodio #4: Lisboa, Portugal
Curador: Pedro de Llano
Artista: Luisa Cunha
Fotografía: Estelle Nabeyrat

Episodio #3: Suzhou, China
Curadora: Yu Ji
Artista: Xiao Kaiyu

Episodio #2: Jinja, Uganda
Curador: Moses Serubi
Artista y fotógrafo: Mohsen Taha

Episodio #1: Chicago, Estados Unidos
Curadora: Yesomi Umolu
Artista: Harold Mendez
Fotografía: Nabiha Khan
Kadist Art Foundation


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Founded in 2005 by Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna, Latitudes is a curatorial office based in Barcelona, Spain, that works internationally within the field of contemporary art.

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