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Book launch of Mireia Sallarès' 'Las Muertes Chiquitas'

Mireia Sallarès presented her book 'Las Muertes Chiquitas' tonight in New York at the Bluestockings bookstore. The publication also forms a part of Latitudes' project at Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis.

The film will be screened at King Juan Carlos Center, New York University on Saturday, October 30 from 2-7 pm, followed by a round table discussion on Wednesday November 3, at 6.30 pm.
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Forthcoming project: 'Vic Cambrils Barcelona...A Library Project', Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis

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'Vic Cambrils Barcelona / Verges Cervera Barcelona / Viladamat Castelldefels Barcelona / Vilafranca Cornella Barcelona / Valls Collserola Barcelona... A Library Project', Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, from October 2010

Talk by Latitudes
: Thursday 21st October, 7pm

In response to Midway Contemporary Art Library’s holdings of museum catalogues and books from publishing houses in Barcelona, Latitudes has assembled a counter-accession of around 50 self- and micro-published books and paper editions produced since 2005 by artists, designers, and curators based in Catalonia.

The publications will be displayed at Midway's Library throughout October–November 2010 before being absorbed into the library holdings. In addition to the book acquisition, Latitudes invited Barcelona-based artists Mariona Moncunill, Gabriel Pericàs, Mireia C. Saladrigues and Oriol Vilanova to intervene in the library through a series of bookmarks which will be inserted into undisclosed publications throughout the library for unsuspecting readers to encounter. + info...

Mariona Moncunill looked for a book in her personal collection also held by the Midway library and found that there was only one: 'Inside the White Cube' by Brian O'Doherty. For a year, on every first Thursday of the month she will read the first paragraph on page 61 hoping to establish a temporary window that connects her to the reader.

Gabriel Pericàs's intervention consists in inserting four printed sheets with textual references that seem to supplement the content of the pages between which they are encountered. These carefully crafted 'wiki-fictions' appear to be printouts from the web, yet their spurious URL addresses might lead readers to doubt their veracity.

Mireia C. Saladrigues emphasized the formal correspondence between a book page in 'Introduction to a Scientific Aesthetic: Dora García and Matthew Buckingham' and another in 'Pure Association, Ryan Gander' by pasting elements into one another. Motivated by a 'happy encounter' and the associative nature of Gander's work, Saladrigues was interested in exchanging distant elements that at first glance seem to have nothing in common.

Oriol Vilanova's intervention focusses on the catalogue 'Fugitive Artist. The Early Works of Richard Prince, 1974-1977' (2007), a publication for which Prince refused permission to reproduce any images, thus leaving the illustrations blank. Vilanova re-inscribed this invisible history by inserting surrogate images taken from contemporary astronomy magazines.

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'Vic Cambrils Barcelona / Verges Cervera Barcelona / Viladamat Castelldefels Barcelona / Vilafranca Cornella Barcelona / Valls Collserola Barcelona... Proyecto para una biblioteca', Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, desde Octubre 2010

Presentación de Latitudes: Jueves 21 Octubre, 19h

En respuesta a los fondos adquiridos por la Biblioteca del Midway Contemporary Art entorno a publicaciones de museos y reconocidas editoriales de Barcelona, Latitudes ha reunido una contra-propuesta de unos 50 proyectos micro-editoriales o ‘auto-publicaciones’ producidos por diseñador/es, comisarios/as y artista/s en Cataluña a partir del 2005.

Las publicaciones se exhibirán en Midway durante octubre-noviembre antes de ser ‘absorbidas’ por los fondos de la biblioteca. Junto a esta nueva adquisición, Latitudes invitó a los artistas barceloneses Mariona Moncunill, Gabriel Pericàs, Mireia C. Saladrigues y Oriol Vilanova a producir puntos de libro que serán insertados 'silenciosamente' en algunos libros de la biblioteca y que en el futuro serán encontrados por desprevenidos lectores. + info...

Mariona Moncunill localizó un libro de su colección personal que compartiese con la biblioteca del Midway y encontró que sólo compartían uno: 'Inside the White Cube' de Brian O'Doherty. Durante un año, el primer jueves de cada mes, Moncunill leerá el primer párrafo de la página 61, con la esperanza de establecer una ventana temporal que la conecte a un lector desconocido.

La intervención de Gabriel Pericàs consiste en la inserción de cuatro folios impresos que parecen complementar el contenido de las páginas entre las que se encuentran. Estas 'wiki-ficciones' han sido cuidadosamente elaboradas y parecen ser impresas directamente de la web, sin embargo, sus cuestionables direcciones URL hacen dudar al lector sobre su veracidad.

Mireia C. Saladrigues enfatizó la correspondencia formal entre una página del libro de 'Introducción a la lógica científica: Dora García y Matthew Buckingham' y otra en 'Pura asociación, Ryan Gander' intercambiando elementos entre ambos. Motivada por una 'feliz coincidencia' y por la naturaleza asociativa de la obra de Gander, Saladrigues se ha centrado en el intercambio de elementos distantes que a primera vista parecen no tener nada en común.

La intervención de Oriol Vilanova se centra en el catálogo de 'Fugitive Artist. The Early Works of Richard Prince, 1974-1977' (2007), publicación para la que Prince negó el permiso de reproducción de cualquier imagen de su obra, dejando así las ilustraciones en blanco. Vilanova reinscribe esta invisible historia mediante la inserción de imágenes de revistas de astronomía contemporánea.

Midway Contemporary Art
527 Second Ave Southeast
55414 Minneapolis, MN
United States
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Latitudes contributes in the Walker Art Center's 'Brave New Worlds' exhibition catalogue

'Brave New Worlds', Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 4 October 07–17 February 08

Accompanying the 'Brave New Worlds' exhibition is a 300-page illustrated catalogue containing essays by Walker Art Center Curatorial Assistants and exhibition curators Doryun Chong and Yasmil Raymond.

The catalogue also includes "correspondent" essays inspired by newspaper reports and penned by art historians, critics, and curators from around the world, including Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna (Spain), Cecilia Brunson (Chile), Hu Fang (China), Tone Hansen (Norway), Mihnea Mircan (Romania), and José Roca (Colombia). Recent texts by philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah, celebrated author and activist Arundhati Roy, and award-winning foreign correspondent Janine di Giovanni provide additional perspectives on global affairs of the past decade...

Addressing contemporary international art beyond glib expressions of globalism, the exhibition 'Brave New Worlds' assesses the current state of political consciousness and its multiple artistic manifestations in an era characterized by the unraveling of a unified world order. Guided by the questions “How do we know?,” How do we experience?,” and “How do we dream about the world?,” twenty four artists from more than a dozen countries in Southeastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, East Asia, North America, and North Africa propose their own answers in paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, and videos.

Participating artists: Armando Andrade Tudela, Yto Barrada, Yael Bartana, Mark Bradford, Fernando Bryce, Mircea Cantor, Cao Fei, Banu Cennetoglu, GimHongSok, Runa Islam, Gabriel Kuri, Jorge Macchi, Josephine Meckseper, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Rika Noguchi, Dan Perjovschi, Lia Perjovschi, Walid Raad, Tomás Saraceno, Sean Snyder, Erik van Lieshout, Haegue Yang, Zheng Guogu, and Artur Zmijewski.

More on the exhibition on the Walker web and on the Visual Arts Blog

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