Longitudes cuts across Latitudes’ projects and research with news, updates, and reportage.

2022 in 11 monthly Cover Stories

Since Spring 2015 we have been publishing a monthly cover story on our homepage (www.lttds.org) featuring past, present or forthcoming projects, as well as sharing our research, texts, artworks, exhibitions, films, objects or travel related to our curatorial practice.

Here are those published in 2022, which you can read again in this archive:

Cover Story, January 2022: “Rasmus’ Doubts”, 2 January 2022.

Cover Story, February 2022: Rosa Tharrats’ Textile Alchemy, 1 February 2022.

Cover Story, March 2022: The passion of Gabriel Ventura, 1 March 2022.

Cover Story, April 2022: Mix and Match. Laia Estruch at PUBLICS, 1 April 2022.

Cover Story, May 2022: Things Things Say in print, 2 May 2022.

Cover Story, June 2022: Cyber-Eco-Feminist Incidents in Attica, 1 June 2022.

Cover Story, July–August 2022: Incidents (of Travel) from Seoul, 1 Jul 2022.

Cover Story, September 2022: The means of print production: Erick Beltrán and lumbung press, 1 September 2022.

Cover Story, October 2022: Stray Ornithologies–Laia Estruch, 3 October 2022.

Cover Story, November 2022: Incidents (of Travel), Jorge Satorre’s Barcelona, 1 November 2022.

Cover Story, December 2022: “Melt Goes On Forever. David Hammons and DART Festival”, 1 December 2022.


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