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Further update: Contents of the forthcoming publication 'Amikejo' – Available in April 2012

We are currently finalising and proof-reading the 'Amikejo' publication (see previous posts here and here), which concludes the year-long exhibition cycle at the Laboratorio 987, MUSAC (Fermín Jiménez Landa & Lee Welch's show is on view until 15 January 2012). The volume will be available in Spring 2012 and will be distributed by Mousse Publishing.

Below an excerpt of Theo Beckers's essay 'Free time: The rise and fall of a social project', commissioned by 'Amikejo' artists Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum to complement the publication section dedicated to their multi-part project 'Producing time in between other things' (2011), which revolves around the changing values of labour and property:

"Have you ever heard the story of the African fisherman? In the early light of dawn, he would set out to sea in his little boat, fish for a few hours, return to port, sell his catch and then spend the rest of the day in the shade of a tree on the beach, contemplating the meaning of life and other pleasant thoughts. An economist from the World Bank appeared one day and asked him why he didn’t take advantage of all that spare time by fishing longer, and going further out to sea with a larger boat. This would bring in more fish and thus more profit. In the long run, this would enable the fisherman to buy more and even bigger boats, and even hire people to do the work for him. Eventually, he could make so much money that he wouldn’t need to work anymore and could afford to lie on the beach the whole day. At which the fisherman laughed and asked the economist, “Why would I go through all that trouble?” The history of Western society’s relationship with time clearly illustrates, however, that it is the economist who had the last laugh, not the fisherman."

Theo Beckers was Professor of Leisure Studies at Tilburg University and is now on the faculty of the Tilburg Sustainability Center, the Netherlands, and Visiting Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. Translated from the Dutch by Klaas van Gorkum.

Further publication details:

Title | Título 


Editor | Edita


Publisher & Distributor | Publica y distribuye

Mousse Publishing and MUSAC

Format | Formato 

22,5x15,5cm, 216 pp., hardcover

Language | Idiomas 



Editorial Coordination | Coordinación editorial

Latitudes and Carlos Ordás

Production | Producción

Bruna Roccasalva 

Graphic design | Diseño gráfico

Studio Mousse — Marco Fasolini, Fausto Giliberti, Andrea Novali, Francesco Valtolina

Texts | Textos

Giorgio Agamben, Theo Beckers, Latitudes, Prof. Peter Osborne, Georges Perec, Prof. Dr. Menno Schilthuizen, Ryszard Zelichowski

Translation | Traducción

Marzena Beata Guzowska (Polish—English); Klaas van Gorkum (Dutch—English); e-verba (English—Spanish)

Copy-editing | Correcciones


Johanna Bishop
English proof-reading of Ryszard Zelichowski’s text (unabridged version) Martin Blaszk

Distribution | Distribución

Mousse Publishing

Printing and binding | Impresión y encuadernación

Grafiche Artigianelli, Brescia

Print-run | Tiraje

1,200 copies


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Resolución Convocatoria 2012 de Artes visuales y Tutorial de la Sala d'Art Jove

Con fecha 24 de noviembre de 2011, reunidos en la Dirección general de Juventud (C. Calàbria 147, Barcelona) el jurado formado por Daniel G. Andújar, artista visual y teórico del arte, vicepresidente primero de la Asociación de Artistas Visual de Cataluña; Dora García, artista visual, Max Andrews y Mariana Cánepa, miembros de Latitudes, oficina de comisariado; Frederic Montornés, crítico de arte y comisario independiente, Javier Rodrigo, investigador y educador de Arte; Oriol Fontdevila, miembro del equipo gestor de la Sala de Arte Joven y Toni Reig, Director general de Juventud que actúa como presidente del jurado; resuelven la siguiente selección de proyectos en relación a las convocatorias de Artes visuales y Tutorial de la Sala d'Art Jove:

Proyectos de Creación:
  1. Petia Cervera, Sublevación de Abril
  2. Lúa Coderch, Eco, The girl With no Door on the Mouth
  3. Juan Crespo, Estudios históricos
  4. Eloi Dalmau, Recitales para interfono
  5. Jordi Ferreiro, El traje nuevo del emperador
  6. Paula Giménez, Verano 
  7. Mercedes Mangrané, Piedras
  8. Anna Moreno, Select the Right Location
  9. Quim Packard, L’última institució
  10. David Proto, Memetro
  11. Barbara Sánchez, Bibliografía
  12. Adrianna Wallis, Rare et Magnifique
Proyectos de Investigación:
  1. Alba Aguirre, Marta Bonhora, Belen Genereco, Anna Margo, Mar Montobbio, “/”
  2. Laura Benítez, Alicia Escobio, Lola Lasurt, Primer intent
Proyectos de educación:
  1. Aurelio Castro Varela, Proyecciones urbanas. El 15-M y el trabajo de la ficción
  2. Joanna Empain, Ricard Escudero, Simonetta Gorga, Encuentros y desencuentros entorno a la práctica artística y educativa en un proyecto expositivo con estudiantes...
Proyectos de edición:
  1. Enric Farrés, Quim Packard, Grau d'Assistent d'Artista Professional
  2. Ignasi Prat, El mundo de los vencedores. Las casas de los poderosos del franquismo
  1. José Antonio Delgado, Fito Conesa, Judit Vidiella
  2. Francisco Peinado, Rachel Fendler (Cultural Nodes)
  3. Andrea Rodríguez, Verónica Valentini
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Newsletter #39 – December / diciembre 2011

Newsletter en Español  |  Newsletter in English

'The Dutch Assembly / Asamblea de los Países Bajos', ARCOmadrid, 15–19 February 2012, Madrid (+ info...)
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Three juries: for the 2012 Open Call at the Sala d'Art Jove; the GAC Awards given by the Catalan Gallery Association (Award ceremony: 31 January 2012 at MACBA); and the Curatorial Open Call 2012, which invites individuals or collectives to submit a proposal for curating an exhibition between June and July of 2012 at NoguerasBlanchard. 

UNTIL 15 JANUARY 2012...
'Amikejo: Fermín Jiménez Landa & Lee Welch', fourth and final exhibition of the cycle 'Amikejo' at the Laboratorio 987, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, León,
24 September 2011–15 January 2012.    
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